Tired of magnetic gun mounts that aren't strong enough to hold your gun? Our magnet is MADE IN AMERICA and 30% stronger than our competitors. It can withstand up to 50lbs. of pulling force.

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Our mission is to manufacture high quality gun mounting products that keep what's important always in reach, so you can hold fast to what matters.


Mounted to any number of surfaces, this leather-bound, ultra-strong magnet securely holds your firearm for easy access or concealment - without scratching its finish.

American Patriot Magnetic Gun Mounts for Cars

Regular price$45.00

Armed And Beautiful Gun Car Mount

Regular price$45.00

Come and Take It Gun Holder

Regular price$45.00

9mm Bullet Magnetic Holster

Regular price$45.00

Available In Your Favorite Colors

No matter what your style is, Sofhold has a color you'll love.


What Our Customers Say About Our Magnetic Holsters

I am SO very excited to get this in! I met the people with this company at the Texas trophy hunters extravaganza in Houston, TX & fell in love with their product! I’ve been looking for a good gun magnet but didn’t want one that would have to be changed every so often so they stayed strong enough to hold my gun. The instant I pulled the display gun from this magnet I knew it was what I had been looking for!!

- Abby R.

These are quite attractive and they hold hard. No problem keeping the gun in place, in fact, have to give a bit of a tug to release. My favorite is the black (purchased 1 of each, black, natural, and saddle. I was worried about the screws holding in the console of the car, but they are self-tapping screws, went in easy and so far holding with no problem. I recommend even tho they are pricey.

- Beverly B.

This product is extremely well made and I'm sure will give many years of faithful service. As a test I put it on the side of an inexpensive file cabinet and wanted to see if it would hold a 24 oz hammer. Hold it ? Heck yes, in fact it pulled it out of my hand when I got close. I am going to order at least a couple more as I have thought of other places where I want it to hold things other than hammers. Rate it ? easy, 5 stars out of 5.

- James W.

Best gun magnet out there !!!. If you need one buy this one.

- Rick J.

This product lives up to its claims of being a strong magnet that won't scratch your gun! I have revolver and was wondering if it would hold it as well as my m&p and it does.

- Robert H.

Extreme quality. Even nice enough to display WITHOUT a gun. SUPER functional and worth the $ simply for the COOL factor.

- Michael K.

It works perfectly for what it is designed to do. I have 3, one in my car and two in my home. I have not had any issue with it holding any of my handheld firearms... The magnet is very powerful. They also look sharp, the saddle is my favorite finish.

- Crystal C.

Great item, wonderful design. Used to mount pistols in a hidden wall cabinet and worked flawlessly. With the thick leather encasement, this will not scratch any metal on weapons. Would definitely recommend these for those that do not want to damage the finish on your weapons. Will buy from again.

- Danny M.

The product does what the maker says it does! Works well, I really like it. I wish I had ordered 2 instead of one. Good product.

- Des W.


Staying safe means being ready to act with lightning speed. The SofHold American Patriot Gun Magnet gives you a convenient way to store and conceal your handgun while keeping it within arm's reach for an emergency.