How to Store a Home Defense Handgun. Everything You Need to Know.


Guns stored on a wall with a SofHold magnet mounts


When it comes to how to store a home defense handgun, there is one subject that tends to be overlooked very often – the issue of gun storage. What most of us are concerned about is the weapon and the ammo you want to buy and how to use it if you were to get attacked. But today, let’s ask ourselves, how exactly should you store your home defense gun? 

This information is quite critical since storing this gun isn’t the same as storing the guns you use at the range – this particular weapon is the one that you would use to defend yourself and your family in case of anything unfortunate happening.

Storing a home defense gun in today’s world is proving to be quite difficult, especially with our kids running around the house at all times. In this article though, we will take a look at ways in which you can safely store your gun at home, and away from your kids.

Gun Safety in the Home and Around the Kids

What makes home gun storage difficult is the presence of kids around the house. As you know, a gun is a dangerous weapon, and so, if your kids were to stumble upon it while playing, I know you don’t even want to think about what could happen next, right? I mean, we can only use one word – catastrophe! So, to avoid such a scenario, it’s good to take precautions.

Now, one of the best ways to ensure that you have control over the weapon at all times is if you carry it around at all times. See, by wearing the firearm, you will never have to worry about its whereabouts, or not having the peace of mind when your kids are at home and you are not. However though, if we are being honest, carrying the weapon 24/7 just isn’t practical. 

You will need to think of other safe ways to store it inside the house, ensuring that it’s out of reach from curious hands, yet easily accessible in case of anything. 

Basically, the idea here is to ensure that the gun is safe, easily accessible, and as far away from the kids as possible. So, how about you think of places like a safe?

How to store a home defense handgun.

Handgun storage in a safe with gun magnet

This is the go-to method for many legal gun owners. It’s pretty easy and convenient, and also safe, which is why many people use them to store their guns. When we are talking of a safe, we aren’t talking about the one you would use for long-term storage, instead, we are referring to a particular safe designed for gun storage. With such a safe, you will be able to keep your gun anywhere, safely – even under your bed. Some safes are secured by finger sensors, others, electronic codes, and some, key locks, all of which offer quick access to the firearm. Now, you have bought a safe – good for you – and have secured your home defense gun inside, the next thing that you should think about, is the best place to keep it. 

You have to remember one thing; if the need for the firearm arises, obviously, it will be sudden and it’s not always guaranteed to occur when you are asleep. What this means is that you have to consider the fact your bedroom might not be the ideal storage place. If you have a big house, of course, you don’t want to be attacked in the living room, while your gun is securely stored at the farthest point in your bedroom. I mean, it defeats the point! So, how about you consider placing the safe in a central place that’s easily accessible from any point in the house? 

Out in the Open 

There are those gun owners who prefer to keep their home defense weapon in an open area, like the bedside table. With this method, of course, there is the benefit of accessibility, especially if you are attacked while in the bedroom. However, there are some serious problems that could be caused by you leaving your weapon in an open area, especially if you have children. One thing, if you have kids, leaving your weapons like this is dangerous, and could, in fact, be seen as reckless. 

Secondly, even if you don’t have kids, when someone breaks into your house when you are not there, they could easily access your weapons, and that could spell out problems for you, if the weapon is used in another crime, or if you burst him/her, only for them to use it against you. So, I guess it’s safe to say that the dangers of this method far outweigh the benefit. So, you will have to make the right call, based on your situation. 

Home Defense Handgun Storage on Walls 

If you have a collection of firearms, this is the best way to store them in your house. But, it’s recommended that you have an extra room to store, a room where only authorized people are around to enter, and certainly not your kids. And if your kids were to go in that room, you need to ensure that you mount the guns high enough, out of their reach. 

Safe handgun storage on a wall

With a wall mount, you will have easier access to the firearms in case of anything. This is the main reason why a lot of people consider this form of storage – it balances safety and easy accessibility – not forgetting that maintaining the racks isn’t that hard, and are designed to serve you for years. SofHold makes magnetic gun mounts that can be mounted on nearly any surface, especially throughout your home. 

Final Thought

Gun safety is critical, and you should always pay attention to it. When storing your guns, you really need to ensure that there is a balance between absolute safety and easier accessibility. After all, you are the master of your own domain, so, am pretty sure that you will figure out a way for you to store your guns. Use your judgment well, and you will be fine.