Best Place to Put Gun in Car. How to Safely Store a Gun in Your Car.

What's the best place to put a gun in your car? Are you a daily gun carrier? It’s just a matter of time before you go to a place where you are not allowed to enter with a gun. That means that if you have a car, it becomes the next best alternative to store your gun when going into such places. The thing is, keeping the gun in your car is a fantastic idea from the get-go as it’s a necessary part when it comes to accomplishing your personal defense strategy while on the move. However, there are a number of considerations you will have to make first;

Gun Holster for Car Center Console. How and Where to Safely Store a Gun in Your Car

Keeping your gun in the car is one thing, but how and where to keep the gun in your car is the other thing, and quite frankly, figuring that out can’t be easy. There are a number of places where you can keep the gun inside the car – some of them are ideal, others are not ideal. However, the most important aspect to consider is how you are going to store your gun in any of these places.

Glove box

In as much as the glove compartment is seen by some as a predictable spot, and that if the car is broken into, it will be the first place the thieves will look for the gun, it’s always seen by many as the most natural place to keep the gun. Could be because it is easy to reach the firearm when in a stressful situation or the opportunities it offers you especially if you have a gun magnet. Now, while we can’t ignore the fact that a glove box is a predictable place for thieves to look and that it is hard to make it discreet, using a gun magnet will help hide the gun a bit better. The point is, you don’t want to mix the gun with other junks, pens, tire gauges, etc. to avoid jamming the trigger or having to dig it in the junks when you need it. With a gun magnet, you can mount it on a discreet and easy to reach spot inside the compartment.

Center Console 

SofHold gun magnet mounted in center console of a car

This is the other spot that’s a bit predictable and easily seen, especially if you just throw the firearm in there without a good plan. However, it’s versatile, big, and the perfect place to mount your gun magnet. The gun will be perfectly hidden and difficult to be spotted by a thief. To access the firearm, you will just need to open up the center of the console.

Under the Driver/Passenger Seat 

If you are looking for another ideal spot to keep your gun, consider under the car seats. It’s a place where you can easily access it in an emergency situation. It’s well hidden from thieves, and in fact, not too many of them would even think of looking for it under there. Just mount a gun magnet beneath the car seat – you can use a solid metal and maybe a tape to position it in place – and then stick your gun in place. It should remain there without falling no matter the kind of road you are driving in.

In the Trunk

There are those gun owners who prefer to keep their guns in the car trunk. It’s in fact a popular concealment method. Though it would be a bit difficult to access the gun when in an emergency, that doesn’t stop many gun owners to see it as one of the safest ways to store the firearm in the car. This can be partly attributed to the availability of high-quality gun magnets in the market today. With a magnet, you can mount it on the sides of your car trunk and then attach your firearm. For extra security, you can lift up truck carpeting and then mount the gun on the space below – if any.